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Key Outcomes from involvement in the project

    Taken from school staff comments and project evaluation returns
    • For staff
      • Very useful introduction to different pieces of 3D CAD software, still haven’t decided which one to choose, however, if there is any advice coming out of the whole project, I’d like to hear about it.
      • I think what was said at the presentation evening by Les and Ian was very useful in terms of furthering discussions at school about resources, time etc.  I was glad my Deputy Head was there to hear it, I think that there are messages that need to be voiced in ways SLTs can hear and get behind that don’t make them go running screaming for the hills.
      • Good links between schools
      • Increased awareness of issues involved in managing and developing an extra curricular project
      • Development of links with an outside company
    • For students
      • This was a bit of a baptism of fire – new school, didn’t know the students, long development time – but I am really pleased with the outcomes, for the students and absolutely delighted with their response to the project.
      • Great opportunity for teamwork, collaborative development of a project that isn’t necessarily your idea.
      • Working to a deadline – I don’t think real deadlines are much applied in school and the students worked down to the last five minutes.
      • Presentation of your team’s work to unknown adults in an unfamiliar space – very rare opportunity in this format.
      • Being able to sustain a development project over such a long period.
      • Opportunities to work with other adults from outside school.
      • Being off-timetable for a day, focusing on one task – much more like the world of work than school.
      • Experience of working to a design brief.
      • Developing time keeping.
      • Group/team work.
      • New skills in CAD, and electronics.
      • Presenting skills being developed.
      • Confidence development.
      • Ownership of the project.
      • Understanding constraints and working around them in the design process.
      • Increased awareness of related career opportunities – also reflected in reported high take up of KS4 D&T courses by project participants.
    • For informing future curriculum development in school
      • I would need more training on 3D CAD software.
      • I could imagine pointing this towards a Y10 Product Design group as a pre-GCSE Controlled Assessment assignment.  It is more likely to be laser cutter focused, I think 3D printing is well beyond the budget in our school. 
      • To enable the use of 3D software within school.
      • To look into the use of 3D printing and the possibility to incorporate into curriculum on a small scale
      • Reported high take up of KS4 D&T courses by project participants
    • For informing future CPD needs
      • 3D CAD software – the best to get and training on using it. Twilight sessions have been good for me, but I’m also happy to do out-of-hours sessions so there are no timetabling issues at school. I work part time (0.8) and can spend my day off on training.
      • Although I have a better understanding of Electronics now, some specialist help would be needed to cover the thinner areas of my knowledge to provide effective solutions for the student’s project work.
      • Better systems are required in school for facilitating both in house and externally supported CPD to increase sustainability. All too often the knowledge and skills gained through development projects are not effectively cascaded to other departmental members.

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